* Introduction

* Pre-Birth Mother Care

* Birth

* Bringing your New Baby Home

* Inoculations

* Feeding your    Baby

* Drugs

* Diapers

* Washing

* Clothes

* Sickness

* Babysitters

* Friends

* Walking

* Watching

* Playing,    Reading &    Teaching

* Toys

* Jewelry

* Smoking

* Body Parts

* Singing

* Pictures

* After Birth    Mother Care

* Mosquito    Spray and    Coils

* Fans

* Kids and    Animals

* Sanitation &    Cleaning

* Girls and Boys

Watching & Listening

   You can't accomplish anything in this book without watching and listening to your baby.

   When to feed her, when to stop feeding, when she is sick or injured, when she is tired, when she wakes up, when she wants to play, when she is getting near something dangerous to her, when someone is doing something wrong to her. You need to watch and listen always during the first year of your baby's life. And don't forget to think!

   A baby can many times tell you when she needs something, but not what the problem is. If she has an earache, she may cry, but she doesn't know she has an ear yet, or where it is, so how can she tell you?

   If she's about to pull a shelf full of dishes down upon her, if you're not watching, how can you stop it?