* Introduction

* Pre-Birth Mother Care

* Birth

* Bringing your New Baby Home

* Inoculations

* Feeding your    Baby

* Drugs

* Diapers

* Washing

* Clothes

* Sickness

* Babysitters

* Friends

* Walking

* Watching

* Playing,    Reading &    Teaching

* Toys

* Jewelry

* Smoking

* Body Parts

* Singing

* Pictures

* After Birth    Mother Care

* Mosquito    Spray and    Coils

* Fans

* Kids and    Animals

* Sanitation &    Cleaning

* Girls and Boys

Sanitation & Cleaning

   Keeping your baby clean, as well as the area around her, is important to your baby's health.

   Babies starting at 3 to 5 months pick up everything they can. And they try to put everything in their mouths' that they can. They also may rub their hands on their eyes and noses.

   Normally, this is not a problem. Sometimes the dirt and other debris a child eats causes a temporary problem, but getting sick as a baby gives the baby immunity after the sickness is healed. This means that once you have a certain sickness and recover, you can not get it again. Many times, children raised in a dirty environment, are healthier as adults.

   Still...... You want to keep the area around a baby fairly clean. Many of the things a baby puts in her mouth can do serious harm to the body.

* Keep fuels, cleaning chemicals, pesticides and medicines far away from children. Some of these produce fumes that can damage or kill a baby. Some can kill a baby if she eats it. And some can damage a baby just from contact with the skin, eyes, nose or mouth.

* Clean up any spills as soon as possible.

* Clean up any baby shit, as this attracts flies.

* Clean up baby piss, as this can cause a slip and fall for a baby as well as anyone in the room.

* Clean any toys or tables frequently that have food on them, or baby spit.