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Mosquito Spray and Coils

   Mosquito sprays and mosquito coils have one thing in common. They are both poisonous, to mosquitoes and babes. In most cases, using these pesticides near a baby should be avoided.

   If using mosquito spray, follow the directions, and make sure to air out the room for at least 20 minutes before bringing a baby into the room. If you can smell the spray, keep the baby out. Also, when spraying surfaces, like walls, beds, chairs, shelves, and the floor, be aware that this spray can be picked up through your baby's skin when she touches the object. It can also get into her mouth and eyes. The spray doesn't evaporate a quickly on a surface as it does in the air.

   Mosquito coils also have warning on the box. Do not use in an enclosed room.

* Keep burning mosquito coils far away from a baby. Don't use them if possible.

* Keep burning mosquito coils off the floor, where a baby can pick it up. Even a mosquito coil that is not burning can be put into a baby's mouth. This is poisonous.

* Be very careful when using mosquito spray around a baby. Do not use anywhere near a baby, and make sure the spray is gone before letting a baby in the room

* The easiest way to keep mosquitoes away, is not to breed mosquitoes in and around the house. Do not keep standing water uncovered within 30 meters of the house if possible.

* Smoke from incense and from cooking with charcoal and wood is also poisonous to babies.