* Introduction

* Pre-Birth Mother Care

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   As soon as your baby is born, they will receive their first inoculation. This is very important.

   These medicines prevent the baby from getting common and deadly diseases.

   They are free, but you may be asked to pay some money. (Cambodia)

   After the first inoculation in the hospital, YOU must take your baby to the local public hospital for inoculations. This is the only place in Cambodia where you can get this service.

   Regular doctors and hospitals do not have these inoculations.

   The first inoculation is when the baby is one month old.

   Take your baby to the public hospital in the morning, and they will get from you some basic information about you and your baby.

   They will write this down on a piece of paper, and write the date and the name of the inoculation.

   You must keep this paper for the next several years, so keep it very clean.

   The next three or four months, you will need to take you baby back to the hospital for more inoculations every month. The paper the hospital gave you will show you when you should bring your baby back for additional inoculations. It doesn't need to be on the exact date, but you should not delay the inoculation for more than a few days or a week. The one exception is if your baby is sick when it is time for the inoculation, you should wait until they are better.

   The record of inoculations will also be necessary when your child starts school, as the government doesn't let children attend school without proof of inoculation.

   When your baby gets the inoculation, it is usually a shot in the arm or leg. Expect them to cry for a few minutes.

   Starting within a few hours to a day after the inoculation, your baby may become sick. They may have a fever, and cry a lot. This is a normal reaction. The baby may be sick for a few days. You can always take the baby to a doctor, if you are worried. But make sure to tell the doctor your baby just got an inoculation.