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Fan around Baby

   A fan is very helpful tool to have around a baby. You also need to be careful when using a fan around a baby.

   A fan can keep a baby cool and dry, and can keep mosquitoes away. You don't want to keep a fan on a baby too strong or for too long. The best way to use a fan with a baby is to keep it on low speed, and rotating.

   Fans can also be very dangerous to babies. They can fall on a baby (yes, it happens), they can electrocute a baby, and a baby can stick their hands or other body parts in a fan and have them chopped up.

   Don't put a fan anywhere a baby can put her hands in it, keep the electric cord and socket where the baby can't get to it. Make sure the wire or plastic grill is firmly attached to the fan if it is within reach of a baby. You can buy or make a childproof net to put over the grill to keep a baby's fingers out of reach of the fan blade.