* Introduction

* Pre-Birth Mother Care

* Birth

* Bringing your New Baby Home

* Inoculations

* Feeding your    Baby

* Drugs

* Diapers

* Washing

* Clothes

* Sickness

* Babysitters

* Friends

* Walking

* Watching

* Playing,    Reading &    Teaching

* Toys

* Jewelry

* Smoking

* Body Parts

* Singing

* Pictures

* After Birth    Mother Care

* Mosquito    Spray and    Coils

* Fans

* Kids and    Animals

* Sanitation &    Cleaning

* Girls and Boys

Bringing your New Baby Home

   You should be prepared for bringing your new baby home a few weeks in advance of the planned birth date, if not sooner.

   You should know where the baby and mother are sleeping, you should have a new mosquito net for a bed. You should also have a portable mosquito net designed for a baby, about 1 meter long by a half meter wide.

   You should have some milk powder for the new baby, and know how to use it in advance. You should have baby bottles, towels, and you'll always need plenty of boiled water for use with the baby milk powder, and cleaning baby milk bottles.

You'll need:


lots of small towels,

some soft pads to put on the floor, table, or on a bed,

some plastic pads or sheets to keep the baby piss and shit from leaking through, (and it's easy to clean)

a quiet place for the baby to sleep, if it's noisy in the home

a refrigerator or ice box is good to keep milk in

a fan, to cool the baby if necessary, and to keep mosquitoes away

   Anyone helping you with the baby should be knowledgeable about caring for babies, and not be sick.

   Keep children away from the baby unless they are healthy and an adult is watching them very carefully.

   Keep animals away from the baby. Also, watch out for rats.