* Introduction

* Pre-Birth Mother Care

* Birth

* Bringing your New Baby Home

* Inoculations

* Feeding your    Baby

* Drugs

* Diapers

* Washing

* Clothes

* Sickness

* Babysitters

* Friends

* Walking

* Watching

* Playing,    Reading &    Teaching

* Toys

* Jewelry

* Smoking

* Body Parts

* Singing

* Pictures

* After Birth    Mother Care

* Mosquito    Spray and    Coils

* Fans

* Kids and    Animals

* Sanitation &    Cleaning

* Girls and Boys


   When it is time for birth (not covered in this book), you should have a plan already for how you are getting to the hospital. You plan should take into account that it could happen and time of day or night, and you could be anywhere you normally would be.

   You should have a telephone with you at all times.

You should talk to your doctor or midwife ahead of time, and find out the procedure for checking in, and what you will need at the hospital for both you and the new baby. You should be prepared to pay in advance (here in Cambodia) and in the public hospital you should pay a tip in advance for good service. (helps when they're sewing you back up).

You should figure out how long you want to stay in the hospital (under normal circumstances) in advance, and bring everything you might need. Clothes, food, baby bottles, towels, an ice pack, milk bottles, powdered milk if necessary.

You may get vitamin injections during your stay, which is normally 2 days to 4 days after giving birth.

* You don't need an ice pack on your stomach for days or weeks after giving birth.

* You should never place any hot items under the bed to keep the baby warm

* Take a shower every day!  Even twice won't kill you.  And YES, you should wash your hair with shampoo.

* Brush your teeth every day, or twice a day.