* Introduction

* Pre-Birth Mother Care

* Birth

* Bringing your New Baby Home

* Inoculations

* Feeding your    Baby

* Drugs

* Diapers

* Washing

* Clothes

* Sickness

* Babysitters

* Friends

* Walking

* Watching

* Playing,    Reading &    Teaching

* Toys

* Jewelry

* Smoking

* Body Parts

* Singing

* Pictures

* After Birth    Mother Care

* Mosquito    Spray and    Coils

* Fans

* Kids and    Animals

* Sanitation &    Cleaning

* Girls and Boys


  At some point, soon after your new baby is born, you'll need someone to watch your baby for you. You might be too weak, or too sick, or tired to watch your baby. You may need to work or do household chores. Or you may just need some time off.

   You don't want any harm to come to your baby, but you can not take care of her yourself without any help. Is your 4 year old son the answer? Grandma, who is coughing up a lung every 5 minutes? Your friends across the street? Hire a babysitter or nanny?

   All these are good options, if you have the time, money, family and friends. And in the right circumstances. But it is important that you supervise them, and make sure they know what they are doing.

   All you efforts to have the baby of your dreams can be destroyed in a second, if the baby is dropped, fed the wrong food, given the wrong drug or given a drug in the wrong way, or if she gets a disease that could easily have been prevented.

   During the first few weeks of a baby's life, she should be near her mother most of the time. And if possible, someone should be with the new mother as much as possible, to help while she is recovering from the birth.

   Nobody who is sick should be near the child at this time also, because the baby is not strong enough to handle getting sick, if possible.

   One of the easiest times to care for a baby is during the first 2 months, because the baby can not move around or roll over. However, it is also one of most difficult times to care for the baby, because they need frequent feeding, cleaning, and holding. They need to be watched for any sickness or injury.

   During the first few weeks, it's best to limit the number of people touching or caring for the baby, to avoid illness. The mother, father and a few friends or family is enough.

Some things to know about babysitters.

* Anyone watching your baby should be familiar with most of this book

* Keep you baby away from anyone with a communicable illness. This becomes less important as the baby gets older.  (depending on the disease)

* Stay away from anyone with an illness you can catch. This is also less important as the baby gets older.  (again, depending on the disease)

* A 3 year old is not old enough to take care of a baby themselves. Neither is a 5 year old.